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        The Reedsburg Area Therapeutic Spa opens in downtown Reedsburg in the lower level of the Cornerstone building.

        Starting out with a silent investment partner, me as the massage therapist and my little sister Falon as my receptionist, we were off to a running start!


        With a firm reputation for sports/deep tissue massage having been established, the Reedsburg Spa moved from the basement downtown to the inside of Snap Fitness. Now having a small therapy room and half a broom closet for an office, the business, despite lack of space, continued to grow!

        In addition to moving into Snap in my second year, I bought my silent partner out and was now flying solo. Later that same year, I was able to hire another therapist and Jodi Bindl joined my team.

        2008 brought many changes! My sister married a marine and went off to Japan. The Reedsburg Spa found it’s way to Main Street once more. Like Park Place in Monopoly, I now had my own blue awning having purchased the Old Jewels on Main building. No more little spaces, the spa now had 3 large rooms and 1700 sq. of space to meet the needs of our clients! In July of that year, we added Cheryl Popp, another therapist, to our team.  It was an exciting time!



        W took a leap and jumped into the Hillsboro market. We had a secondary location now! For a short time that year as well, Raquel Neve out of Mauston, joined our team.  Having access to such a great team of therapists, was great! However, later that year, we lost Raquel to chiropractic school and Jodi to marriage and a move to California. I knew that the only thing certain in business was change. I felt blessed to have worked with therapists committed to the field of massage for wellness.


        In 2010, Mari Jo Mitchell joined the team. Unfortunately though, the success of the previous years couldn’t overcome the impending hit from the economy that the Reedsburg Spa would experience later that year. I watched as local businesses around me began closing down their shops for good. With many layoffs, budget cuts, and excelling gas prices, our database of clients dwindled with their limited cash flow.

        I fought hard to sustain business for my employees, but eventually was forced to close the secondary Hillsboro location and ultimately, lay off my therapists. It was a tough decision, however the Spa still had life in it and I was able to keep my doors open.

        The good news was that, like the Energizer bunny, the Reedsburg Spa was still going!


        On a personal note, I was blessed this year by marrying a wonderful Godly man. As a young lady new to the scene five years ago, I had my enthusiasm and dreams that fueled my business and allowed me to experience some really great achievements. As I look back though, I see that 2011 has been a year of not only sustaining, but rebuilding in a changing market. I’ve decided that I’m not ready to succumb to a struggling economy and am once again using my enthusiasm for change to fuel the next stage of my business. I’m in the process of adding new services, online scheduling, and once again attempting to expand my business. Mid-June I’ll be opening an office in Madison working in the Arc of Life Chiropractic office.



My venture to Madison lasted only a few short months.  While having two offices an hour between one another sounds like a great idea, in reality, it spread my time too thin.  The good news is that my clientele base at my home base in Reedsburg has grown so solid that I simply didn't have time to build a second location. 
2013  While the last quarter of the year was economically slow, this year was yet another blessed year.  After 7 years of business, I ended the year by switching over to the Square and stepping into the new technological age, allowing me to eliminate land lines and excessive internet bills!  What's exciting most about having made it in business after 7 years is looking back at how I have been able to truly help my clients to live a more active life with less pain!
2014   This was the year of experimenting with technology.  With the convenience of booking online, the Reedsburg Spa also began selling gift certificates online and once again switched credit card carriers.  Despite my efforts to expand my services, the request for my deep tissue therapeutic work has demanded most of my time so this year, I did decide to drop the Thai massage services.

2015  This year, I sold my building on land contract.  It was an unexpected, but pleasant surprise!  With the extra time and pennies, I decided to expand my education.  I took some nutrition courses and also began expanding my education into the eastern field of massage and learning more about working with the autonomic nervous system.  This has been an incredible year of learning!  With almost a decade under my belt, I am finding my educational efforts revealing more about the human body than I ever knew was possible!  My efforts are truly becoming more effective and efficient with each new class or piece of information I learn about the human body!  I also began exploring working with electricity in the body this year as well as learning how to address the bioenergy in our body with my hands.   

2016  Ten years of being in business and what a great time to make a big change!  With all the new techniques I've been learning and the fact that I finalized the sale on my building, I made the decision to move to a clinical setting.  I am now inside Kincaid Chiropractic located inside the Reedsburg Area Medical Center Specialty Center.  After being in a dark room all day for ten years, I'm excited about joining a team of professionals who are just as passionate about healing and wellness as I am and am looking forward to some natural lighting in my massage room!  (Bring on the natural vitamin D!!)  Plus, the camaraderie that Dr. Kincaid has in her office is well known in our community!  I'm looking forward to being in an office where I'm not so isolated and am looking forward to the new challenge.  Plus ... who knows ... maybe insurance companies will begin to recognize therapeutic massage as a viable medical treatment that they will pay for!!
2017 & 2018
Moving to Kincaid Chiropractic turned out to be an excellent move!  With a family atmosphere and working along side a couple extraordinary chiropractic doctors, it was a great fit!  The hospital however, would need the space for other purposes and so we would relocate in March of 2018 to Warehouse Row on Railroad St.  Another great change!  This building offers character and space along with greater exposure for clients to find us.  In it's 12th year of business, the Reedsburg Spa was steady and strong!  I have been so thankful for the strength and desire God has granted me!  I can honestly say I love what I do and I am blessed!
At the end of last year, my CEUs would take me deeper into natural hot/cold therapies and I added many new services to accommodate my new education. The herbal wrap treatment would be something that back in 1902 Doctors would use to heal people of pneumonia! (Of course application would be much longer than my 45 min session but still! It's the same therapy! How amazing is God's creation of the human body and it's healing abilities to fight disease!) I'm also entering into my 14th year of business. How exciting! God has certainly blessed me! But more than just blessing me with skilled hands, He has blessed me with a passion to use my job as a ministry. When the opportunity has presented itself, I have been able to offer a word of encouragement, a prayer, and been able to share the Gospel. This truly is good news! I'm looking forward to another successful year!