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Reedsburg Area Therapeutic Spa


Therapeutic Massage


        A customized professional massage designed to fit your needs.  Whether that be managing aches and pains of daily living or helping you recover from an injury. Your session may include a variety of massage techniques including connective tissue work, deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, stretching, microcurrent stimulation, and pressure point work.   


                  30 min ..$35    60 min .. $65   75 min .. $85  90 min .. $100

Microcurrent Stimulation

Microcurrent stimulation hastens the healing process by gathering the body’s ATP into the injured tissue. An electric current ranging from 200 to 800 micro-amperes targeting the affected body tissue will cause ATPs to gather into that tissue, thereby speeding up the healing process.

30 min .... $40 60 min ... $80

NEW Services!

Foot Soak & Hot Towel Service 
This service is for a foot soak and hot towel service to hands and back added to any massage service 30 min or longer.

30 min . . $45        60 min . . $75         75 min . . $95          90 min . . $110
                        On SALE now for $42, $62, $82, an $97!

Face Treatment with Foot Soak

This service is for a foot soak and face massage service added to any 30 min or longer massage. A hot towel will be placed on your face followed by a face massage with special facial lotion that won’t clog your pores, finished with a refreshing mist of aromatherapy.

30 min . . $45        60 min . . $75         75 min . . $95          90 min . . $110

                           On SALE now for $42, $62, $82, an $97!

50 min Foot Treatment

This service is for a 50 min. foot treatment session. You’ll start with a foot soak, get an extensive foot massage, and will include your choice of either a mud masque for arthritic, inflamed feet, or a peppermint salt scrub designed to revive tired feet and relieve achiness, followed with hot towel service and some finishing point work designed to stimulate the nerve endings in your feet that tie in to the rest of your body.

                                   50 min . . . $65   On SALE now for $55

45 min Therapeutic Herbal Wrap

You’ll start with a foot soak and sip on some warm tea to warm your core temperature.You’ll then be wrapped bare skinned in a mummy like style with layers of hot herb soaked sheets, space heat blanket, and wool blanket. The wrap is designed to stimulate the body to kick in immunity fighting processes. This wrap will create a detox effect as well. 

This service is finished with a quick stroke hot stone massage to your back and the back of your legs and arms to refresh your senses. This service is designed to use heat to help your body rebuild and rebalance and a 45 min massage service would be recommended to add to address specific muscle aches.

45 min . . . $65      90 min . . . $115  On SALE now for $55, $105 

Cancellation Policy:  While we understand that things happen that prevent you from keeping your appointment, the Reedsburg Spa LLC now has a policy in effect for appointments cancelled within 6 hours of which you will be charged 33% of the service you were scheduled for.  (exp.  20$ on a 60 minute session)  Thank you.

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