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The Reedsburg Spa will be reopening as of May 26.

While the threat of coronavirus has diminished, it is not completely gone, so we will be taking the following precautionary measures to reduce risk of illness:
  • If you are feeling unwell, with a fever or other flu-like symptoms, please stay home and rest and postpone your visit until you are fully recovered.
  • Likewise, if you know you have likely been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please postpone your visit for at least 14 days from that contact, assuming you have had no symptoms.
  • If you are known to have COVID-19, please follow the directions of your medical professionals and/or the CDC before scheduling an appointment.
  • Cancellation fees will be suspended for the foreseeable future. So if you're not feeling well leading up to your appointment, please let me know immediately and we will postpone your session.
  • Likewise, if I become ill, have any symptoms, or find I have been in contact with someone of concern, I will contact you immediately to postpone your session.
  • I reserve the right to deny any appointments that I suspect may be showing signs of illness.
Ongoing Procedures:
  • Thorough hand and forearm washing occurs immediately before and immediately following each session.
  • After each session all table linens and towels are removed.
  • The face cradle and all attached devices are thoroughly disinfected.
  • During this particular time, door handles and other surfaces that receive regular contact will be disinfected daily.

Changes in Booking and During treatment:
At this time, I will only be offering therapeutic massage without any wet treatments, such as hot towels or hot stones which are heated with hot water. Increments are still 30, 60, 75, or 90 minutes.

The 20 minute session will be availabe as well.

** Due to the closeness of face to face proximity while performing bodywork when you are lying face up, I will require you to wear a face mask as well as I will be wearing one during this time as well. I will provide a mask unless you bring your own. If you prefer not to wear a face mask, I will only perform a massage while you are face down.

At this time, sessions will be spread out a little further than normal to cover extra sanitizing issues. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your treatment to cut down on lobby exposure wait time.

Online booking is now available again.

Take care and we'll see you soon!
Important Announcement:
The Reedsburg Spa will be closing in December 2020.
See video below for more details.
Downloadable video on How to Massage Your Spouse!

It is my hope that you would consider trying my work, even if you are looking for a relaxation massage.  Not only will you get a great massage, you'll also receive a postural assessment and health intake along with an education of the modalities I use and why they work.  I also take time to tell you what massage can do to help you with particular ailments that you may be struggling with as well as other modalities that may be helpful to you.  My clients don't just walk out relaxed, they walk out informed.            

Whether you are seeking treatment for pain management or just looking for a good massage, healthy living is what we all strive for.  My commitment at the Reedsburg Area Therapeutic Spa is to help you, through massage therapy, to achieve the goal of being more active and living with less pain, at a reasonable price.  


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